Subactive meets El Fata
Rocking The Frontline

Listen :: Rocking The Frontline
AA: Subactive meets Ranking Levy
AA: Brixton Frontline

Listen :: Brixton Frontline
Riddim: Cosmic
Label: Scotch Bonnet (UK)

Release date: 01.2013
Format: 12-Inch
 Price: EUR 8.81
Track list

1. Subactive ft. El Fata - Rocking in the frontline
2. Subactive ft. Ranking Levy - Brixton frontline
3. Subactive - Dub the frontline

Subactive Soundsystem`s debut release on Scotch Bonnet features El Fata, who last appeared on the label with his hit Mary Jane in 2007, and Ranking Levy, the main man from My Lord Sound. The vocals cover a range from sweet singing through fast chatting and cool and deadly deejaying while subactive`s riddim track powers through on a powerfully undulating bassline that stands on its own as the `cosmic riddim`.

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