Scotch Bonnet (UK)
SCRUB006 | Riddim: Dubstep | Label: Scrub A Dub / Scotch Bonnet | 01.2013 | Format: 12-Inch"/>
Scotch Bonnet (UK)
SCRUB006 | Riddim: Dubstep | Label: Scrub A Dub / Scotch Bonnet | 01.2013 | Format: 12-Inch">

Mungo´s Hi Fi & Eek A Mouse
Hire and removal RMX

Listen :: Hire and removal RMX
AA: Mungo´s Hi Fi & Solo Banton
AA: Kung fu know how

Listen :: Kung fu know how
Riddim: Dubstep
Label: Scrub A Dub / Scotch Bonnet

Release date: 01.2013
Format: 12-Inch
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Track list
1. Mungo`s Hi Fi ft. Eek-A-Mouse - Hire and removal refix
2. Mungo`s Hi Fi ft. Solo Banton & Ruben Da Silva - Kung fu know how
3. Mungo`s Hi Fi - Kung fu drunken dub

Scrub a dub`s sixth installment comes in hard with a double-A-side plate straight outta the Mungo`s yard. Hire and Removal featuring Eek-A-Mouse is the most requested and heaviest tune yet on Scrub a dub. Solo Banton re-licks his "Kung Fu Master" vocal (originally recorded with Disrupt on Jahtari) in a darker tone bolstered by Ruben Da Silva`s sweet vocal style. The Drunken Dub (a Shaolin style favoured in Scotland) completes the heavyweight 12". Don`t miss!

Scotch Bonnet (UK)
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