Born in the ghetto

Listen :: Born in the ghetto
AA: Daddy Rings
AA: Ganja pipe

Listen :: Ganja pipe
Riddim: Get A Lick / Billie Jean
Label: Irie Ites (FR)

Release date: 12.2010
Format: 7-Inch
 Price: EUR 4.61
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Artist Tune Riddim Label Price
Various Artists Stop That Sound Riddim   Stop That Train Irie Ites (FR)  
EUR 8.39
  CD 02.2013
aa: Ilements
Bun di ganja RMX
aa: Haile I
 Listen :: Bun di ganja RMX
Listen :: Haile I
Strange Things RMX Irie Ites (FR)  
EUR 4.61
  7-Inch 05.2011
Lutan Fyah Bad traffic  Listen :: Bad traffic Down In Jamaica Irie Ites (FR)  
EUR 3.32
  7-Inch 11.2007
Luciano & Spectacular
aa: Ras Mac Bean
What gwaan bad
aa: Why do the edens rage
 Listen :: What gwaan bad
Listen :: Why do the edens rage
Edens Rage Irie Ites (FR)  
EUR 8.32
  10-Inch 09.2008
Prince Allah
aa: Trinity
Bucket bottom
aa: Bad boy music
 Listen :: Bucket bottom
Listen :: Bad boy music
Bucket bottom Irie Ites (FR)  
EUR 8.32
  10-Inch 10.2011
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aa: Lisa Danger
Pretty woman
aa: Di bashment
 Listen :: Pretty woman
Listen :: Di bashment
African Charm A Lustre Kings  
EUR 3.15
Spectacular How can I  Listen :: How can I Classic Minor 7 Flat 5  
EUR 3.15
  7-Inch 2004
aa: Cali P
Badda than dem
aa: The champion
 Listen :: Badda than dem
Listen :: The champion
Strange Things RMX Irie Ites (FR)  
EUR 4.61
  7-Inch 01.2010
aa: Natty King
Dem getta beaten
aa: Praises
 Listen :: Dem getta beaten
Listen :: Praises
Glorious Bassrunner  
EUR 3.32
  7-Inch 10.2007
aa: Inibal
The best of me
aa: Forward your love
 Listen :: The best of me
Listen :: Forward your love
Grass Roots Rootical  
EUR 3.15
  7-Inch 04.2006
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