Nuh funny

Listen :: Nuh funny
AA: Future Fambo
AA: Happn

Listen :: Happn
Riddim: Bee Hive
Label: Big Ship

Release date: 12.2007
Format: 7-Inch
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Artist Tune Riddim Label Price
Elephant Man
aa: Voice Mail
Inna wi waist
aa: Hype pon yuh mate
 Listen :: Inna wi waist
Listen :: Hype pon yuh mate
Bee Hive Big Ship  
EUR 3.15
  7-Inch 12.2007
aa: Shema
Which gal
aa: First lady
 Listen :: Which gal
Listen :: First lady
Bee Hive Big Ship  
EUR 3.15
  7-Inch 12.2007
Beenie Man
aa: Lady Saw
No no
aa: Weh yuh man deh
 Listen :: No no
Listen :: Weh yuh man deh
Bee Hive Big Ship  
EUR 3.15
  7-Inch 12.2007
aa: Chino
Hotter than a gal
aa: Change
 Listen :: Hotter than a gal
Listen :: Change
Bee Hive Big Ship  
EUR 3.15
  7-Inch 12.2007
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TOK Forever  Listen :: Forever Outbreak Big Ship  
EUR 3.15
  7-Inch 12.2009
Anthony B
aa: Shema
aa: Ride or die 4 u
 Listen :: Funeral
Listen :: Ride or die 4 u
Advocate Big Ship  
EUR 3.15
  7-Inch 03.2009
Laden Warm up  Listen :: Warm up Fitness Big Ship  
EUR 3.15
  7-Inch 10.2009
Anthony B Wine u  Listen :: Wine u Chiney K Big Ship  
EUR 3.15
  7-Inch 04.2008
Delly Ranks
aa: Craig Dennis
aa: Talkie talkie
 Listen :: Gangstaz
Listen :: Talkie talkie
Power Cut Big Ship  
EUR 3.15
  7-Inch 12.2006
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Assassin All dem a talk  Listen :: All dem a talk Workie Workie / Mud Up RMC  
EUR 3.32
  7-Inch 04.2005
Assassin We have gal from  Listen :: We have gal from Mad Instrument VP  
EUR 4.16
  7-Inch 05.2004
aa: G Mafia
Can´t beg fi dem
aa: Clap it up
 Listen :: Can´t beg fi dem
Listen :: Clap it up
Gangstaz Prayer Pure Music  
EUR 3.15
  7-Inch 07.2007
aa: Problem Child
Have it over dere
aa: She want it in
 Listen :: Have it over dere
Listen :: She want it in
Indostorm Hands And Heart  
EUR 3.15
aa: Red Rat
Dem a talk
aa: To mama
 Listen :: Dem a talk
Listen :: To mama
Red Indian Rat A Kastle  
EUR 3.15
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