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Gentleman,Mark Wonder,Daddy R
aa: Chezidek
Jah high way
aa: Give thanks
 Listen :: Jah high way
Listen :: Give thanks
Jah High Way Al.Ta.Fa.An.  
EUR 5.03
New Releases 7-Inch 02.2014
Paul Elliott & Daddy Rings Self reliance  Listen :: Self reliance Security Al.Ta.Fa.An.  
EUR 3.15
Dancehall Hits 7-Inch 06.2004
Natural Black
aa: Mark Wonder & Daddy Rings
Why can´t we
aa: Thank you Jah
 Listen :: Why can´t we
Listen :: Thank you Jah
Senior Al.Ta.Fa.An.  
EUR 3.77
Dancehall Hits 7-Inch 05.2007
Jah Mason
aa: Daddy Rings
It´s alright
aa: I see dem coming
 Listen :: It´s alright
Listen :: I see dem coming
Top Flossing Energy Beat  
EUR 3.15
Dancehall Hits 7-Inch 05.2005
aa: Daddy Rings
Born in the ghetto
aa: Ganja pipe
 Listen :: Born in the ghetto
Listen :: Ganja pipe
Get A Lick / Billie Jean Irie Ites (FR)  
EUR 4.61
Dancehall Hits 7-Inch 12.2010
Daddy Rings Young gifted and black  Listen :: Young gifted and black Punany Kingston 11  
EUR 3.15
Classic / Oldies 7-Inch
Freddie McGregor
aa: Freddie McGregor & Daddy Rings
aa: Rumours
 Listen :: Rumours
Listen :: Rumours
Rumours Music Works  
EUR 3.32
Classic / Oldies 7-Inch 1997
Mr Easy
aa: Daddy Rings
Never diss my lady
aa: Call me on the telephone
 Listen :: Never diss my lady
Listen :: Call me on the telephone
Celebrate Pow Pow Prod.  
EUR 3.32
Dancehall Hits 7-Inch 2003
Ras Shiloh & Daddy Rings Ghetto youth rise  Listen :: Ghetto youth rise First Sight Pow Pow Prod.  
EUR 3.15
Dancehall Hits 7-Inch 05.2006
Sugar Black & Lebanculah
aa: Daddy Rings
Jah Jah bless
aa: The wiff
 Listen :: Jah Jah bless
Listen :: The wiff
Shanty Town Pow Pow Prod.  
EUR 5.03
Dancehall Hits 7-Inch
Lutan Fyah
aa: Daddy Rings
Lusting at the world
aa: Anything for you
 Listen :: Lusting at the world
Superior Pow Pow Prod.  
EUR 3.32
Dancehall Hits 7-Inch 08.2004
Various Artists Superior Riddim   Superior Pow Pow Prod.  
EUR 12.60
Riddim Albums CD 2005
Mikey General
aa: Daddy Rings
It may be long
aa: Yeah he
 Listen :: It may be long
Listen :: Yeah he
Green Valley Steven Stanley  
EUR 3.15
Dancehall Hits 7-Inch 06.2005